Get up and Going

I’ve said this a couple of times this week but I’ve never gone for a run and come back and said…”wow, I wish I hadn’t done that.” Not once, even with blisters, cramps etc have I said that. So with that in mind I managed to get myself out of bed on a rainy cool … Continue reading

Two day update

Ran 9 miles at Oak Mtn yesterday with Dtop aka semiamaturerunner. He did 11. I wasn’t up for that much and had a couple of blisters come up that were bothering me. It was a great run. He made me feel old by leaving me on a hill at about the 5:00 mile mark. I’m … Continue reading

2 runs 1 Post

So yesterday afternoon was my 7 miler. I’m doing the Nike Coach plan for the half marathon and this plan has much more midweek mileage than the plan I did for Talladega. So 7 miles on a Tuesday was a new midweek high for me. The run ended up great. I averaged under 11:00 minutes … Continue reading

Hot run

Just finished a nice 4 mile toasty run during lunch. It is a totally beautiful day. My weather app says its 64 degrees. It was warm enough to work up a nice sweet in shorts and a tshirt and I couldn’t be happier about it. Miles were: 10’22” 11’14” 10’13” 10’06” Mile 2 for my … Continue reading

8 miles with Dtop

First time in a while that Dtop and I have been able to run together. We did a couple of 3 mile loops and finished up with a last loop of just under 2 for an 8 mile total. Good steady pace all the way thru of around 11:45. About mile 4 or so I … Continue reading

8 Miler Today

Had a nice 8 mile run today at 10:42 pace. First 7.5 miles were great. I was down in the 10:20 range at that point and had a couple of 10:12ish miles in there. Finally felt pretty good for a run. I was able to push up a few hills except the last one that … Continue reading